Jobs in Dane County, WI

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  • Senior care provider

    Senior care provider

    As a caregiver, you'll provide much-needed assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, ... read more

  • General Merchandise

    General Merchandise

    General Merchandise job with benefits at Wallmart. (Financial benefits including 401(k), stock purchase ... read more

  • Tutor


    If you love working with children and helping them succeed, then tutoring may be the perfect job for ... read more

  • Nanny / Babysitter

    Nanny / Babysitter

    Do you like children? Work as a nanny / babysitter and take care of other people's children. read more

  • Translator


    Work from home as a translator with clients from around the world. Be your own boss! read more

  • Paid Surveys Online

    Paid Surveys Online

    Make money by filling surveys, watching movies, shopping online and more! read more

  • Shopper


    Make money by doing shopping for other people whenever you have free time. Sounds interesting? read more

  • Tasker / Shopper / Handyman

    Tasker / Shopper / Handyman

    Earn money by helping other people with simple tasks such as moving, repairs, shopping and more. read more

  • Freelancer


    Work from home as a freelancer. Online research, data entry, IT and more. read more

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant

    Work from home as a virtual assistant for clients from around the world. Be your own boss. read more

  • Pet Sitter

    Pet Sitter

    Get paid to play with dogs. Become a pet sitter and connect with local dog and cat owners looking for ... read more

  • Language Tutor

    Language Tutor

    Know a language? Teach it online from your home and get customers from around the world. read more

  • Cleaner / Housekeeper

    Cleaner / Housekeeper

    Earn as a cleaner at Marry Maids. Flexible schedule on your own terms. read more

  • Delivery Driver

    Delivery Driver

    Work as a delivery courier at your own pace delivering restarant meals to clients via Doordash. read more

  • Hotel Worker

    Hotel Worker

    Work in a Hilton hotel. Multiple positions: front-desk, kitchen, house keeping, restaurants and more. read more

  • Hotel Worker

    Hotel Worker

    Marriott hotels offer a variety of opportunities: front desk, house keeping, kitchens and more. From ... read more

  • Restaurant worker

    Restaurant worker

    If you're looking for a fast-paced, customer service oriented job, McDonald's is the place for you. ... read more

  • Delivery Courier

    Delivery Courier

    Uber Eats is a food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to bring users their favorite ... read more

Find your next job in Dane County

Dane County, Wisconsin is a great place to live and work. It offers many job opportunities for those who are looking for them. The county has a strong economy and a diverse population, making it an ideal destination for job seekers.

The county is home to the state capital of Madison, which is filled with many high-paying jobs in the fields of healthcare, business, education, technology, and finance. The city has become a hub for tech startups and venture capital firms. In addition to these higher paying jobs, Madison also provides many lower-skilled positions in hospitality and retail.

Find your next job in Dane
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For those looking for employment outside of Madison, Dane County offers many employment opportunities in its numerous small towns and rural communities. These smaller areas are often home to family-owned businesses that offer seasonal or part-time positions. Additionally, some employers may be willing to provide on-the-job training so that employees can gain the skills necessary to secure long-term employment.

For those interested in farming or agricultural work, there are plenty of options available in Dane County as well. Most farmers in the area specialize in dairy production but there are also other agricultural opportunities such as fruit and vegetable production or raising livestock. Many farmers have been able to start their own businesses by taking advantage of government subsidies or grants.

Those seeking higher paying positions may find success at one of the many manufacturing facilities located throughout Dane County. Industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical products, food processing, and energy all have major presences in the county. These employers often require specialized skills that may take some time to learn but can pay off in terms of job security and a higher salary.

In addition to these traditional job opportunities, Dane County also provides plenty of opportunity for those interested in creative fields such as art, music, design and writing. There are numerous galleries throughout the county that feature local artists' works as well as national touring exhibitions from around the world. Many musicians find success through playing shows at local venues or festivals while writers can often make a living through freelance work or by teaching classes at colleges throughout the county.

Overall, Dane County offers a variety of job opportunities for those who are willing to look beyond the city limits of Madison and explore what else this beautiful area has to offer. From high-paying corporate positions to low skilled seasonal jobs on farms, there is something here for everyone who wants to make a living while living in one of Wisconsin's most vibrant counties!