Job.Guide works directly with employers and programmatic job advertising platforms.

We're focused on quality over quantity, and we only feature curated and relevant job offers that are a high match for our job seekers.

Our mission is simple: To help people find suitable jobs in their area.

We achieve this by taking multiple measures to only show jobs in relevant locations and categorizing them in a clear and easy to understand format.

Key competitive differentiators of Job.Guide

Quality over quantity

We strive to provide our job seekers only with suitable job offers that match their location and skillset.

Our mission is simple: To help people find suitable jobs in their area, not to generate CPC, CPL, CPA, CTR or any other Cs. Period.

This ensures our job seekers convert better to long term employees, than the market standard, save time and also go through a more positive experience in the job seeking process.

Curated offers

We curate featured job listings and have them hand-checked by our team, in order to assure they match our job seekers preferences.

Window shopping may be good, but creates stress while searching for a job and may result in applying for offers that won't work either for job seeker or an employer, and we are making sure this does not happen.

Money back guarantee

We guarantee that the traffic generated by our website is of high quality and offer a money back guarantee policy to ensure that our partners are satisfied when working with us.