Jobs in Weber County, UT

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  • Senior care provider

    Senior care provider

    As a caregiver, you'll provide much-needed assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, ... read more

  • General Merchandise

    General Merchandise

    General Merchandise job with benefits at Wallmart. (Financial benefits including 401(k), stock purchase ... read more

  • Tutor


    If you love working with children and helping them succeed, then tutoring may be the perfect job for ... read more

  • Nanny / Babysitter

    Nanny / Babysitter

    Do you like children? Work as a nanny / babysitter and take care of other people's children. read more

  • Translator


    Work from home as a translator with clients from around the world. Be your own boss! read more

  • Paid Surveys Online

    Paid Surveys Online

    Make money by filling surveys, watching movies, shopping online and more! read more

  • Shopper


    Make money by doing shopping for other people whenever you have free time. Sounds interesting? read more

  • Tasker / Shopper / Handyman

    Tasker / Shopper / Handyman

    Earn money by helping other people with simple tasks such as moving, repairs, shopping and more. read more

  • Freelancer


    Work from home as a freelancer. Online research, data entry, IT and more. read more

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant

    Work from home as a virtual assistant for clients from around the world. Be your own boss. read more

  • Pet Sitter

    Pet Sitter

    Get paid to play with dogs. Become a pet sitter and connect with local dog and cat owners looking for ... read more

  • Language Tutor

    Language Tutor

    Know a language? Teach it online from your home and get customers from around the world. read more

  • Cleaner / Housekeeper

    Cleaner / Housekeeper

    Earn as a cleaner at Marry Maids. Flexible schedule on your own terms. read more

  • Delivery Driver

    Delivery Driver

    Work as a delivery courier at your own pace delivering restarant meals to clients via Doordash. read more

  • Hotel Worker

    Hotel Worker

    Work in a Hilton hotel. Multiple positions: front-desk, kitchen, house keeping, restaurants and more. read more

  • Hotel Worker

    Hotel Worker

    Marriott hotels offer a variety of opportunities: front desk, house keeping, kitchens and more. From ... read more

  • Restaurant worker

    Restaurant worker

    If you're looking for a fast-paced, customer service oriented job, McDonald's is the place for you. ... read more

  • Delivery Courier

    Delivery Courier

    Uber Eats is a food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to bring users their favorite ... read more

Find your next job in Weber County

Weber County, located in the northern part of Utah, is an incredibly diverse and vibrant place to live, work, and play. The county is home to a variety of businesses and industries that offer excellent job opportunities for those looking for a career or new start. From manufacturing and health care to retail and hospitality, Weber County has something for everyone.

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest employers in Weber County, with major companies like ATK (Alliant Techsystems), Smithfield Foods, and BAE Systems all having significant operations in the area. These companies offer a wide range of jobs from entry-level positions to more experienced roles. Jobs here can provide a great opportunity to gain experience in the manufacturing industry while having access to the latest technology.

Find your next job in Weber
Ntsimp, CC BY-SA 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Health care services are also plentiful in Weber County, with a number of hospitals and clinics providing excellent medical care. In addition to hospitals and clinics, there are many other types of health care providers such as home health agencies, nursing homes, physical therapists, personal trainers, dietitians, and more. All these establishments offer great job opportunities for those looking to work in the health care field.

The retail sector is another major employer in Weber County. With numerous shopping centers throughout the county, there are plenty of jobs available at both large national retailers such as Walmart and Target as well as smaller local stores. Whether you're looking for a full-time position or something more part-time or seasonal, there are plenty of options available in Weber County's retail sector.

In addition to these industries mentioned above, there are also many other job opportunities available throughout Weber County. The hospitality industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years with numerous hotels being built throughout the county. There are also plenty of restaurants serving up delicious food from all around the world as well as performing arts venues where you can enjoy a show or two each month.

Finally, if you're looking for a job that allows you to work from home or set your own hours then Weber County is an ideal place for you too! There are numerous telecommuting jobs that allow individuals to work remotely from their homes along with freelance gigs that allow people to work on their own terms and schedule their own hours – all from within Weber County!

No matter what type of career you're looking for there's sure to be something here in Weber County that fits your needs perfectly! With its strong economy and diverse job market it's no wonder why so many people choose this county as their home base when it comes time to pursue their dream job!