Healthcare jobs in Erie County, NY

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Healthcare job opportunities in Erie County

Erie County is home to a variety of healthcare job opportunities. From hospitals and clinics to private practices and insurance companies, there are many ways to get involved in the healthcare industry in this county.

Healthcare jobs in Erie County, NY
dIPENdAVE, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Erie County Medical Center is the largest hospital in the area, and it offers a variety of positions for those interested in working in the medical field. The ECMC also has a teaching program affiliated with the University at Buffalo, so there are opportunities for those interested in becoming doctors or nurses. There are also many other hospitals and clinics throughout the county that offer employment opportunities in various roles.

Private practices are another option for those looking for work in the healthcare field in Erie County. There are many different types of private practices, from small family-owned businesses to large multi-doctor offices. Some private practices may be affiliated with a hospital or health system, while others operate independently.

Insurance companies also employ a large number of people in Erie County who work behind the scenes to process claims and help customers with their coverage needs. These jobs can be found at both regional and national insurance companies that have offices in the area.